Apply to Volunteer

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As you fill out the NDYCC Volunteer Application/Background Check form, please use this as a guide:
(CLICK HERE for printable instructions)

  • On page 2, Intern/Volunteer Position Applying For:
    First Choice: Volunteer with Heart River Lutheran Church
  • Please note, on page 4 there is a signature needed.
  • On page 5, please fill out using a similar format:

               I, (your name), volunteer to serve as volunteer on behalf of Heart River Ministries for the ND Youth Correctional Center.
               As a volunteer, I agree to:
                    1. Report on (varies) from (varies) to (varies).
                    4. Make my services available to NDYCC as follows:
                         a. volunteer for game night, gardening, and other special activities or one-on-one / group meetings with students in a mentoring relationship
                         b. volunteer as needed

  • Please note there is a need for your signature and date at the bottom of page 5.
  • Another signature and date are needed on page 6. A staff member from Heart River Ministries will sign this page upon your completion and submission of this application to Heart River Lutheran Church Staff.
  • Please read the fine print thoroughly and sign/date again on the bottom of page 8.
  • Page 9 is important. Please fill this out as thoroughly as possible.
  • On the last page, 10, there is a lot of fine print. Again, please read. At the very bottom there is a need for your signature and date. There is no line, so people often miss this one! ☺

Upon completing this application, please return it to:

            Heart River Lutheran Church
            c/o Pastor Gail Hagerty
            701 16th Ave SW
            Mandan, ND 58554

Please call 701-471-2400 or email if you have any questions.

Thank you for your willingness to partner with us in these fun opportunities for relationship and transformation!