Looking Ahead

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As we look ahead, we are going to focus on five areas: Sustainability/Fundraising, Mentor Recruitment and Support, Youth Recruitment and Retention, Family Program Involvement, and Publicity. Fundraising will be very important in the next year and a half in order to support the re-entry ministry.

In 2014 we will need to raise $23,000, and in 2015, $52,000. By word of mouth, presentations, and the Spirit of God, we have faith that we will be able to raise the money each year that is needed to sustain this ministry and have it flourish. If you know someone, congregations, groups, or other organizations that are passionate about the ministry we are doing, ask if Heart River Bridges of Hope is something they would be willing to support financially.

It is only together and by God’s grace and leading that we are able to participate in and carry out such a life – giving ministry. Jesus says to his disciples: “Follow me!” Let us all continue to pray and ask for God’s strength and guidance as we move forward with this incredible opportunity for mission and service in God’s world.